A Freeware Acorn Archimedes Emulator for Windows


7th May 2006
First screenshots of RPCemu on Windows CE (courtesy of Jan Rinze Peterzon) :

There is also a Mac OS X port underway. Both should hopefully be available for the next release.

7th April 2006
Fixed a bug in IOMD, ArcQuake now works!

This is the ARM610/710 version running. It looks fine, but is appallingly slow - the result is much like running PC Quake on a 386. Interestingly, resizing the viewing window seems to have very little effect on the speed. At least it looks alright, compare to StrongARM Quake :

There's a reason I left SA support out of RPCemu 0.4!

22nd March 2006
New feature for RPCemu : HostFS

This allows access to the Windows filesystem from RISC OS. This is code from Arcem, with some desktop coding of mine.

Also new for Arculator : ArculFS

Pretty much the same thing, except totally written by myself, and hence not under the GPL and so Arculator is not under the GPL either. Also in this screenshot is VGA mode support - 640x480.

The last item of interest is the improved FDI support for Arculator - a couple of bugfixes result in many more games working, eg Intertia :

21th February 2006
New feature for next version of Arculator - PAL-style burring.



It converts from RGB to YUV, blurs the various components (and averages every two lines of UV) and converts it back. Could do with some tweaking, and a _lot_ of optimisation, but looks reasonable on some stuff.

14th February 2006
VRAM and StrongARM supported (the later is fairly slow). Allows running of more programs :

29th January 2006
Rewritten video emulation. 16-bit colour now supported :

9th January 2006
Two major new features for Arculator 0.5 (which should be released soon) have been completed :

The 82c711 PC-Combo emulation had been ported in from RPCemu. This allows the use of high density discs and IDE hardfiles. One additional bonus is that RiscOS doesn't crash with the 82c711 like it does sometimes with the 1772 and the OS hack is obselete when in this mode.

The second feature is the implementation of FDI support. This allows protected disc images to be used (in 1772 mode only at the moment), which allows some protected games to work, eg Technodream :

It's early days for this feature though, and many games do not work as of yet.

9th January 2006
IDE emulation now works correctly, and stuff can be done :

You can now run !ARPlayer, boot off hard drive, run games etc - at least until the system hangs due to the lack of audio interrupts. Audio emulation probably won't be in the next release (to make it stable I'd have to learn threading) but I'll put some kind of hack in.

7th January 2006
Two breakthroughs in one screenshot :

There were some issues in 26-bit -> 32-bit mode switching, and a couple of other things, XXXX XX X now works.
IDE hard disc emulation is a bit buggy, but at least some stuff works.
Also not pictured, I believe I've fixed the 'parameters not recognised' errors on the floppy emulation (interrupts happening inbetween reading of FDC status). I could be wrong though - the problem was so intermittent that it could just be chance that I've not run into it!

3rd January 2006
About time!

The Portable module was messing stuff up, so it has to be *unplugged. Also Arculator was quitting due to unhandled IO accesses (Econet in this case). Now I need to fix it so you don't have to reconfigure the mouse all the time.

2nd January 2006
Implemented dirty buffering and started caching TLB entries. Now runs at about 16/17 MIPS on my machine.
Also trying to get RiscOS 3.7 to work - it appears to be waiting for an interrupt that never comes.

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