A Freeware Acorn Archimedes Emulator for Windows


23rd December 2005
Now ported to Windows. My machine consistently runs around 9/10 MIPS now. Still need to tidy up video.

17th December 2005
RPCemu now runs most timings independently, so it adjusts to the speed of your system. Bizarrely this fixed some problems with the floppy emulation (no more random errors while booting). This needs a fast machine, my Athlon 2400+ gets about 8/9 MIPS - somewhat below the speed of an ARM7500, though RiscOS is quite usable at this speed. Optimization can wait for now.

16th December 2005

Added 256 colour mode a little while ago. Resolutions other than 640x480 are now also supported, though not pictured. I also added emulation of a second floppy drive, since the boot sequence takes up an entire disc on its own.
I intend to make a first release of this around Christmas/New Year. The next two tasks that need to be done before then are to decouple the timers + vblank from the main ARM loop, and to port the whole thing to Windows.

17th November 2005

Keyboard and floppy now emulated. The above screenshot is after running the boot sequence from a disc image. The new floppy controller emulation should also be portable to Arculator, where it should allow HD disc access (HD access is implemented in the above screenshot).
For now, the ARM7500 has been underclocked to about 20/25mhz, which makes the whole emulator much more usable.
A screenshot of RPCemu doing something useful.

15th November 2005
A few bugfixes and the desktop is useable (if slow).
At the moment RPCemu is trying to achieve a rough emulation of a 40mhz ARM7500, which is proving quite slow. I need to change the timer + vblank emulation to run independently of the CPU execution loop.
Also it might be nice to emulate the keyboard at some point.

14th November 2005
First screenshots from RPCemu, an offshoot of Arculator. This is a different emulator - it will take more liberties with emulation to get things working and get the speed up than Arculator does. This doesn't mean the end of Arculator - these are different projects, and Arculator 0.5 is underway.

At the moment RPCemu is targetting an A7000 class machine, an ARM7500 with some support stuff. As can be seen, there's no palette or cursor emulation, and the keyboard, mouse and PC combo chip are not emulated yet.